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Frozen in Michigan, Super Bowl XVI


Frozen in Michigan, Super Bowl XVI The NFL rarely awards Super Bowls to stadiums in cold climates.This year is an exception with New York/New Jersey hosting. At MVP, we remember an earlier Super Bowl – because we nearly froze getting ready for it. For some reason the NFL awarded [...]

Frozen in Michigan, Super Bowl XVI 2017-02-16T22:16:30+00:00

1984 – Apple Macintosh


1984 - Apple Macintosh 30 years ago today one of the most famous television commercials ever made aired…and never aired again. The Apple “1984” commercial introduced a new computer – the Macintosh. Both computing and Super Bowl ads would never be the same. At Midland Video, we liked the new [...]

1984 – Apple Macintosh 2017-02-16T22:21:56+00:00

Tools of the Trade


Tools of the Trade After a recent trip to Madison where I spent time with long time friend and golfing buddy, Bill Spevacek, I got to thinking about some of Midland’s first projects. One Friday morning in the early 1980’s Bill’s clients Wisconsin Electric and Forward Wisconsin decided they [...]

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Foreign Exchange


Foreign Exchange This week found Joe, our producer, on location shooting interviews and b-roll at several banks in Kentucky, while Kelly, our editor, was wrapping up translations of a medical product overview video in 8 languages.  Josh, our graphic artist, was busy animating a corn field from a farmer’s [...]

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Playing Around


Playing Around Here at Midland we have done many projects that require us to create training for some complex, unique and critical tasks.   We’ve educated doctors on how to do heart surgery. We’ve taught store clerks how to sell underwear.  We’ve even shown Ronald McDonald how to keep [...]

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Midland’s Jet Lag Cure


Midland's Jet Lag Cure Everyone has their own way of coping with jet lag.  Some people recommend melatonin.  For others it’s avoiding alcohol on the flight. Some even rearrange their sleep schedule before departing. At Midland Video we have our own method, which we developed a few years ago. [...]

Midland’s Jet Lag Cure 2017-02-17T19:26:23+00:00

Open Wide


Open Wide Today's shoot takes us to Columbia/St. Mary's Ozaukee where we get to demonstrate oral endotracheal tube fasteners. More fun for us than for the model/patient. "Sorry. We have to do another take. We saw your eyelids fluttering in the last shot.”

Open Wide 2017-02-17T19:39:23+00:00

Name Dropping


Name Dropping When we’re producing videos, we get to meet and work with many of Milwaukee’s business leaders on a regular basis. This past week is no exception; we’ve been working with a bunch of them - all for a project we’re creating for St. Francis Children’s Center. Leaders [...]

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The Devil Wheel


The Devil Wheel Hey all you lawyers and insurance underwriters out there! Is the fear of being sued the only reason we’ve never seen a DEVIL WHEEL here in the USA? It is so awesome that there can’t be any other reason not to have one at every gathering. [...]

The Devil Wheel 2017-02-17T19:49:12+00:00

Join in the Fun


Join in the Fun Whether you like horseshoes, dancing, music, sewing, dart ball, sheepshead, pool, book club, tai chi, woodworking, dominos, crafting or almost anything else – and you’re a Milwaukee County resident age 50 or over – check out the Milwaukee County Senior Centers. The Milwaukee County Department [...]

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