One Light, One Future, Together

auth-brettIf you were being asked to give money to a good cause, would you rather listen to a speech about why it is a good cause or watch a video and see why it is a good cause?  I think most of us would prefer the later on that one. Why?  Because a video creates a much more engaging experience than any speech.  Which is why Lumen Christi Catholic church came to us to help with their capital fund raising campaign.

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The Lumen Christi parish is currently spread out over two campuses, one in Mequon and one in Thiensville.  Both locations have a chapel, offices and school facilities for different grade levels. Not only was the parish challenged by operating, maintaining and staffing two locations but there was a growing feeling of separation within the community. So Lumen Christi decided the time had come for the two to come together as one. Midland was asked to help develop a compelling video that would generate excitement for the plans and increase participation in a fund raising campaign for the new facilities to be built.

Lumen Christi

There is definitely a lot of research that supports the fact that video helps raise money in a fundraising campaign, and it definitely helped in Lumen Christi’s campaign.

Take a look at a short sample: