Springtime in Paris….and London

neilMarch travel for many people means Florida, Arizona or Mexico, but in 2007 our spring break was a shoot in London and Paris.

The trip started off a bit rocky when, due to some logistical problems we found ourselves in $500 per night hotel rooms that didn’t quite live up to expectations.  Here’s the view from my room.

room with a view

A big part of the shoot was two days of interviews with English men and women from all walks of life.  We met truck drivers, students, house wives and the queen’s gardener.  Each had a fascinating story to tell and we were entertained throughout by their candor.


We took enough time off to ride the London Eye…..


…..and we never miss a chance for a great meal – including a memorable cheese course at the Ledbury.

The Ledbury

Then it was off to Paris to see the Mona Lisa…or at least this more modern interpretation at an exhibit at the Grand Palais.

A visit to Paris wouldn’t be complete without one night at a Michelin-starred restaurant so we settled in at Taillevent to wrap things up.


While our weather on this trip might not have matched the sun and warmth of the southern US or Mexico, we gladly sacrificed those comforts for a memorable couple of weeks in two of our favorite cities.