3D Animation

3D Animation is one of the most powerful tools for marketers, manufacturers and product development teams to simply and easily demonstrate complex processes and how products work.

3D animation captures your audience’s attention
3D animation allows you to demonstrate prototypes
3D animation explains complex processes
3D animation allows you to show the inner workings of your products
3D animation makes it easy to create multiple versions in any language

We have the ability to create anything you can imagine, or work from your CAD or SolidWorks files and create photo-realistic models that demonstrate your product in action. 3D animation lets you show your customers your product from any angle… in any environment… inside and out.

3D animation is the best way to convey your message and creates a lasting impression on your customers.


Midland Video’s 3D animation gives you the ability to demonstrate anything through photo realistic 3D rendering. The possibilities of 3D animation are endless: whether it may be demonstrating prototypes, explaining complex processes or showing the inner workings of your product. Midland Video can bring your vision to life in the most compelling manner.


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Why use 3D animation?

There is really no set guidebook as to when animation should be used. But here are some instances of when using animation is better than shooting video.

Your Showing a Difficult Concept.

Using animated visuals to explain a challenging concept can help break complex ideas and other barriers to comprehension and get your ideas across in a clear, compelling manner.

What you need to show can’t be filmed.

With photo-realistic 3D rendering, you can show your product in ways that would be difficult to impossible to do with a practical shoot. And if your product is still in the development stage, there’s no better way to show your audience exactly what it can do.

Your looking to have a different style.

A style isn’t just about creating something beautiful – although you can expect that, too. It’s about finding the most elegant solution to produce the most visually compelling video for you.

What can I do with Animation?

With such a large number of videos trying to get peoples’ attention, it’s getting harder for companies to cut through the noise and connect with customers. This is where animation comes in.

Product Marketing

A stimulating, animated product video can be the perfect way to generate awareness and excitement for your product.  The options for visualization are limitless. It’s the ultimate way to display your product to its full advantage.

Process Visualization

Have a concept or process that is difficult to explain? It doesn’t have to be. Process visualization animations make complicated processes in a simple to understand format that helps your audience grasp complex ideas — and, if done well, engage and entertain in the process.

Explainer Videos

Need something explained in a creative, engaging way that holds the attention of your audience? Explainer animations are a visually accessible and creative way to engage your audience in complex ideas. This simple form of animation is an extremely flexible, engaging way to do so.

Motion Graphics

Use animation to add information to your live action videos. Feature call-outs, stats, and other details can add impact and makes for a more compelling video. Combine the best of both worlds with live action shooting and video animation.

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