St. Francis Children’s Center and the Milwaukee Bucks


St. Francis Children’s Center and the Milwaukee Bucks Last night the St. Francis Children’s Center held their annual “Leading Lights” awards and Midland’s award videos took center stage! Among the numerous honorees were the Milwaukee Buck’s Owners.  Check out the article here from the Milwaukee Business [...]

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The Cost of Cutting Corners


The Cost of Cutting Corners ]Step 2, attach the bomb to your breast. When marketing to an international audience the translation of your content is important…no, it’s vital…actually, it’s everything! We produce videos in multiple languages for our clients all the time and typically utilize a translation partner with [...]

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Penfield All Play and No Work…


Penfield All Play and No Work…   We were at it again, spending our days playing with the kids at Penfield Children’s Center. With the success of and the videos we’ve helped produce for their blog series, Penfield returned to Midland to help produce more content to be released throughout [...]

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Row, Row, Row, Your Boat


Row, Row, Row, Your Boat What do rowing and water meters have in common? You probably are thinking, water, and that's about it. But for Badger Meters newest flow measurement tool, the Coriolis meter, rowing or sweeping, as we learned offered the perfect analogy. A competitive rowing team requires [...]

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Shoot with a View


Shoot with a View Midland has been privileged to work with the Arthritis Foundation for many years.  This year, they approached us with a new request – capture footage from the Walk for A Cure events in New York and Los Angeles.  Then, use the footage and interviews to [...]

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What Comes First, The Video or the Product?


What Comes First, The Video or the Product? What do you do when a client approaches you, knows they want a video, have a three month timeline, and give you full creative control, but there is just one catch…The product doesn’t exist yet.  For Midland Video, the answer is [...]

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One Light, One Future, Together


One Light, One Future, Together If you were being asked to give money to a good cause, would you rather listen to a speech about why it is a good cause or watch a video and see why it is a good cause?  I think most of us would [...]

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For Internal Use Only


For Internal Use Only You may have noticed that our blog has been a little quiet lately, but that's only because we have been hard at work! We always like to share the projects we do and how they came together but lately we have been doing a lot [...]

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The Emerald Isle


The Emerald Isle You may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet on our social outlets, but we have a very good excuse, we’ve been busy.  Really busy!   So today, I wanted to give you a look at what I have been up to.  As Midland’s Lead Editor, [...]

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Making You Look Good


Making You Look Good Content is king, but the second most important part of what we do is make our clients look their best.  That's why we've invested in the latest Sony 4K cinema camera that offers our clients breathtaking images and our production staff more creative capabilities. For [...]

Making You Look Good2017-02-16T21:43:58+00:00
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