Christopher Reeve was a Superman


Christopher Reeve was a Superman Christopher Reeve was a joy to shoot with. And his wife Dana couldn’t have been more welcoming when we arrived at their home in Bedford, NY just a few months after his accident.We were there to tape a brief open and close to [...]

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Jim Palmer for Jockey


Jim Palmer for Jockey In spite of winning multiple Cy Young Awards and being a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Jim Palmer is best known for his work as a Jockey underwear model. We worked with Jim Palmer and the Jockey team several times [...]

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Midwest Express Best Care


Midwest Express Best Care An archeological dig. That’s what looking through old video projects feels like sometimes – like we’re unearthing an ancient civilization – a now unknown way of life. Did we actually shoot scenes of nice meals being served, wine being poured and cabin [...]

Midwest Express Best Care2023-04-25T16:35:54+00:00

Coach Al McGuire


Coach Al McGuire I didn’t know him when I was a student at Marquette.  It wasn’t until several years later – after he had won the NCAA championship – that we worked together on some video projects. But even then, spending time with him was “sea [...]

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Three Reasons Every Brand Needs an “About Us” Overview Video


Three Reasons Every Brand Needs an “About Us” Video The expectations for brands are becoming more and more akin to the expectations we have for individuals. The more relevant information you know about a person, the more likely you are to trust them. And trust is [...]

Three Reasons Every Brand Needs an “About Us” Overview Video2023-04-14T16:59:39+00:00
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