A Corporate Culture Case Study


A few weeks ago, when I was running a hard-drive over to a client, I asked the group of employees I met a question.

How would you describe your corporate culture?

Here are their answers.

“Do you mean our culture throughout the company or the culture in this department? It really changes from department to department.”

Others nodded in agreement. It’s a large company, so I asked about their specific department.

“Our culture is very honest. We have a feeling of safety here that is difficult to find elsewhere. Part of it is that we are doing charitable work, but it speaks to our culture.”

““We are focused on the long-term, as opposed to focusing on quarterly success like many other companies.”

Another employee disclosed how important the leader of the department is to the culture within that department.

“The culture in this department wasn’t always like this. Our current leader is transparent and authentic. He has totally changed the culture of this workplace for the better. It all comes down to him.”

As I listened to these responses, I looked around the group and saw everyone nodding in agreement.

These quotes I got from asking simple questions would be perfect sound bites for a video outlining this company’s culture and easily sharing it with current and new.

Identifying your cultural beliefs is the first step in laying groundwork for team unity –collaboration and future success. Make your corporate culture work for you, not against you. Living your positive workplace culture allows you to find and retain talent. You could have the greatest culture in the world, but if you don’t identify and share it, how will you let it work to your advantage?




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