How Important is Your Workplace Culture?

As a video production company, it is our job to understand our client’s “message” and find a creative way to portray that “message” visually. Lately recruiting videos have outnumbered marketing, training, or product videos. We’ve all seen how developing workplace culture and truly living those principles can have a profound impact on employee retention and job performance. But that culture can also be a great sales and recruiting tool. Of course, video is the best method!

A video about your company and its workplace that features interviews with employees and customers is revealing. Think about being a potential candidate for a job and you see such a video. Whether you’re a candidate or potential customer you’ll get a real sense of who this company is and what it’s like to work there or work with them. Most importantly it can be used as a strategic tool to recruit top talent.

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Consider adding links in every employee’s email signature serving as a vital marketing approach to broadcasting how great your workplace culture is. Remember it’s not enough just to put your video on your website. Certainly put it on your Linkedin page – a blog about it, link to it from job posting sites, and upload to different hosting sites like Vimeo, or your YouTube channel. Both of these platforms continue to grow, and both allow keywords that are searchable by Google. In fact, check out what Google has in store for YouTube searches here. If we take all of these approaches into account and accelerate their deployment, talent will now be knocking on your door versus you taking out ads to find talent.