Midwest Express Best Care

An archeological dig.

That’s what looking through old video projects feels like sometimes – like we’re unearthing an ancient civilization – a now unknown way of life.
Did we actually shoot scenes of nice meals being served, wine being poured and cabin attendants smiling warmly to depict air travel?

When I looked at this week’s blog piece we did in 1984 for Midwest Express – it was hard to believe the onboard scenes.

But they were accurate.

Midwest Express corporate video production
Midwest Express corporate video production

The shots of the airline’s chef preparing food were, in fact, taped in the company’s kitchen, not a studio.  The comfortable cabin scenes were done on a real plane, not a mock-up.  And those cabin attendants – real people, not actors.

We remember Midwest CEO Tim Hoeksema and his team being as nice to work with, as the airline was to fly.

We miss them.

But put on your pith helmet and come along on our expedition to a lost culture – airline service.

Here’s a brief clip from the production: “Midwest Express – The Best Care in the Air – 10th Anniversary 1984.”