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Corporate Comms… Internal Comms…  However your team is defined, communicating internally with employees is more crucial than ever, and video is the best way to engage and ensure your message is heard and understood.  Whether you’re building your corporate culture, celebrating a milestone, rolling out strategic initiatives, or educating and inspiring, corporate communications teams are turning to video more and more for several reasons:

  1. Visual and engaging: Video is a visual and engaging medium that can hold employees’ attention better than other forms of communication, such as emails or memos.
  2. Personal and authentic: Video can create a more personal and authentic connection between the corporate communications team and employees, which can help build trust and foster a sense of community within the organization.
  3. Consistent messaging: Video can ensure that messaging is consistent across the organization, as it can be distributed to all employees at the same time and provide a standardized message.
  4. Reach remote employees: Video can reach remote employees who may not be able to attend in-person meetings or events, helping to ensure they feel included and informed.
  5. Recordable: Video can be recorded and saved for future reference, making it easier for employees to access and review the information presented.
  6. Cost-effective: Video can be a cost-effective way to communicate with large numbers of employees, as it can be distributed to a large audience without incurring additional travel or meeting expenses.
  7. Enhance understanding: Video can be an effective tool for conveying complex information or demonstrating how to perform specific tasks, enhancing employees’ understanding and retention of the information presented.

Overall, corporate communications teams rely on video to communicate with employees because it is visual, engaging, personal, authentic, consistent, reach remote employees, is recordable, cost-effective, and can enhance employees’ understanding and retention of information.

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