Healthcare Video Production

Midland Video has worked with healthcare providers from Milwaukee to Chicago and everywhere in-between.  Whether it’s an educational series, patient education, explainer videos, social media videos, patient success stories, advertisements, or instructional videos, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with many healthcare companies and providers to produce sales, marketing, and educational content.

Healthcare Video Production can be complicated, but video communicates a clear, concise message and reinforces pertinent information.

Healthcare is a very personal field because it involves the care and treatment of individuals’ physical, mental, and emotional health.  Successful Healthcare Video Productions are focused on their specific audience.  For marketing purposes, videos can be successful when they appeal to the emotions of the audience. They can tell compelling stories, feature real patients, and use music or imagery to create an emotional response.

In some cases patients just want information.  These videos should be straightforward, accurate and evidence-based, and provide information that is supported by scientific research and reliable sources.

Regardless of the use, patients or end users of medical products all face a unique set of circumstances and videos need to be professional, clear, emotionally appealing, and be produced with high-quality standards. By incorporating these factors into videos, healthcare providers can effectively communicate their message and engage their target audience.

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