Christopher Reeve was a Superman


Christopher Reeve was a Superman Christopher Reeve was a joy to shoot with. And his wife Dana couldn’t have been more welcoming when we arrived at their home in Bedford, NY just a few months after his accident.We were there to tape a brief open and close to [...]

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Jim Palmer for Jockey


Jim Palmer for Jockey In spite of winning multiple Cy Young Awards and being a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Jim Palmer is best known for his work as a Jockey underwear model. We worked with Jim Palmer and the Jockey team several times [...]

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Midwest Express Best Care


Midwest Express Best Care An archeological dig. That’s what looking through old video projects feels like sometimes – like we’re unearthing an ancient civilization – a now unknown way of life. Did we actually shoot scenes of nice meals being served, wine being poured and cabin [...]

Midwest Express Best Care2023-04-25T16:35:54+00:00

Coach Al McGuire


Coach Al McGuire I didn’t know him when I was a student at Marquette.  It wasn’t until several years later – after he had won the NCAA championship – that we worked together on some video projects. But even then, spending time with him was “sea [...]

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