The Cost of Cutting Corners

]Step 2, attach the bomb to your breast. When marketing to an international audience the translation of your content is important…no, it’s vital…actually, it’s everything! We produce videos in multiple languages for our clients all the time and typically utilize a translation partner with contacts in the country and market we are targeting. As we all know, projects are driven by budgets. Sometimes budget dollars aren’t there and clients look to someone internally to do the translation.

This was the case when we were working with a breast pump manufacturer who had just received a sizable order from a southern state assistance program. One stipulation was that the company needed to produce an educational video in both English and Spanish. No problem… until, the company asked someone in their Latin American office to translate the script. All went as planned until someone from the state assistance program alerted us to the use of the word bomba. In Spanish, there are two translations for the word bomba, 1. pump and 2. bomb… in this state the word bomba is associated with bomb… This is exactly why it is so important to translate for each specific market. It turns out, they use a “slang” term for pump, “pumpa” which you won’t find in any English-Spanish dictionary. We can estimate the cost of translating your video, we can’t estimate the cost to your brand by releasing bad marketing materials into a country you ‘re looking to expand in.

Joe Liberatore directing video at corporate headquarters
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