Three Reasons Every Brand Needs an “About Us” Video

The expectations for brands are becoming more and more akin to the expectations we have for individuals. The more relevant information you know about a person, the more likely you are to trust them. And trust is at the core of a brand’s promise. Stakeholders want to know a brand’s background, values and personality; and the best way to demonstrate all of that in an engaging way is through video.

Need a little more convincing? Here are the top three reasons from ReelSEO on why every brand needs an “About Us” video.

1. Marketing and Branding. After the Home page, the About page is typically the most viewed page on a website, so you want to make it worth your visitors’ time by adding a video. Incorporate past client or customer testimonials and company representatives to give viewers a holistic understanding of your brand.

2. Recruitment. Potential customers aren’t the only ones that look at your website. Potential employees do, too. A good “About Us” video will give prospective employees an understanding of an organization’s values and mission. Additionally, letting people know who you are before an interview makes sure neither party wastes their time on something that just isn’t a good fit.

3. Employee Buy-In. Another perk of the “About Us” video is reminding your current employees what you stand for. This increases employee pride and gives employees the resources to quickly articulate the organization’s values and place in an industry.

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